Mission statement and activities

Founded in 1918, Fedil – Business Federation Luxembourg is today a multisectoral business federation representing the industry, construction and business services sectors.

As regards the Luxembourg economy, the Fedil member companies represent

  • 25% of added value
  • 30% of domestic employment
  • +/-8 billion EUR per year in exports

At national level, Fedil’s main objective is to defend the professional interests of its members and analyse all economic, social and industrial issues relating thereto.

Furthermore, Fedil endeavours to develop the spirit and links of solidarity between Luxembourg employers.

At Community level, Fedil is affiliated to BusinessEurope (www.businesseurope.eu) and has a representative office in Brussels.

As an organisation representing Luxembourg employers, it participates in the activities of the International Labour Conference (ILO) in Geneva. It is also a member of the International Organisation of Employers (IOE) and the Business and Industry Advisory Committee to the OECD (BIAC).

Fedil maintains regular contact at national and European level with political representatives, public authorities, economic sectors and trade unions, and endeavours to influence political and administrative decisions in the interests of free enterprise.

Furthermore, Fedil is very involved in preparing economic and social decisions through its representatives in numerous advisory bodies set up by public authorities.

With the aim of promoting the Luxembourg economy, Fedil also takes part in numerous economic assignments abroad.

In order to best serve the interests of its members, Fedil has forged links with private and public partners in certain specific fields: