FEDIL offers a whole assortment of events of all genres

The inevitable Companies’ New Year’s Reception, conferences, soirees and networking matinees, information events, thematic breakfast meetings…

  • FEDIL’s networking events, usually reserved for members, are occasionally open to the general public
  • Come and listen to high-profile speakers : political decision-makers, company CEOs, researchers
  • Forge valuable contacts by participating in our networking events
  • Make contact with the member companies of FEDIL
  • Pick up the latest entrepreneurial, scientific and legal tendencies by participating in our events, conferences and award ceremonies
FEDIL’s Environment Awards 2017
General Assembly 2017 4.4.2017
Conférence: Aller prester des services à l’étranger 11.05.2017
Conference: Security practices for providers of essential services in Luxembourg 07.04.2017
Conferences: Reform of the work time organisation 11&12.01.2017
Conférence: Nouvelles sur le salaire 19.01.2017
Companies’ New Year’s Reception 26.01.2017
Conference : Work relations 30.01.2017
Conférence: Règlement Général sur la protection des données 15.03.2017
Conférence: Venir prester des services au Luxembourg 31.03.2017