Videoconference on the Digital Services Act (for members only)

Dear members,On 15 December 2020, the European Commission presented its long awaited “Digital Services Package”, including two legislative proposals:

  1. A Digital Services Act: considering that the digital services landscape has changed since the adoption of the e-commerce directive in 2000, the Commission proposes a reform to tackle illegal content, illegal goods or services sold online. It therefore proposes a new framework to rebalance responsibilities of users, intermediary platforms, and public authorities. Especially,

    • New procedures for removal of illegal content
    • New transparency measures, including on online advertising
    • New rules on traceability of business users in online marketplaces
    • New obligations for all digital services that are connected to consumers

  1. A Digital Markets Act: considering the negative consequences that can arise from certain behaviours of so-called “digital gatekeeper platforms”, the Commission proposes a new regulation to address potential unfair business practices towards business users and competitors e.g. unfair use of data from businesses operating on the platform.

In the context of FEDIL’s dedicated project group, we would like to invite you and/or relevant colleagues from your organisation and notably your legal experts to participate in our videoconference meeting on the DIGITAL SERVICES PACKAGE on 15 January, 10h-11h40.

The objective of this conference is to inform members in more detail about the content of those new proposals and the impact it might have on their activities. FEDIL will briefly present the proposal before inviting key interlocutors to an open discussion about the details of the newly proposed legislation. The goal is to raise awareness on these important and priority dossiers for the European Commission, not least to gather your points of view in order to be able to best represent your interests in consultations in Brussels.



Welcome & Introduction

What have we done so far and where are we now? Angela Lo Mauro, FEDIL Adviser European Affairs


Presentations by Angela Lo Mauro, FEDIL Adviser European Affairs

DIGITAL MARKETS ACT + first reactions and questions from the participants


DIGITAL SERVICES ACT + first reactions and questions from the participants


Coffee break


Discussion with Patrick Grant, BusinessEurope Adviser Internal Market


Next steps – Angela Lo Mauro, FEDIL Adviser European Affairs