A century of pioneering work for economic growth

For four generations of industrials and entrepreneurs our federation has accompanied the upsurge of our country.

FEDIL was founded in 1918 by Paul Wurth who in the aftermath of the First World War gathered together 54 clear-sighted industrials to rebuild the country in a state of economic and social chaos. FEDIL, the Federation of Luxembourgish Industrials (Fédération des Industriels Luxembourgeois), thus was born out of the  will of industrials motivated by the same vision to ambitiously develop Luxembourg’s economy. The founding principles were deliberate : political neutrality, the defense of economical interests through the specific organism, and respect for the interests of workers and employers. This industrial development has been the foundation of the economic upsurge of the country, impelling progress in the social, cultural and political domain.

Understanding its members interest in internationalisation, FEDIL actively contributed to a European construction in the aftermath of World War two.

In 1949 FEDIL, together with five other member states of the European Community of Coal and Steel (CECA) it cofounded the “Conseil des Fédérations Industrielles d’Europe” (CIFE), an organisation that would become the “Union des Industries de la Communauté européenne” (UNICE) due to the proclamation of the Roman Treaties in 1958 and was renamed BusinessEurope in 2007.

In the 1970s, the European Union is established. FEDIL, at the heart of the economic and social consulting board of CECA and CEE, took part in this, adhering to the interest of internationalisation of its members. It became the first federation of Luxembourgish companies to establish an office outside the country in Brussels in 2003. Meanwhile, it also accompanied the development of Luxembourg’s economy towards services and now includes among its members the future branches of excellence in services and consulting.

After four generations, FEDIL unites a close-knit community of industrials and entrepreneurs, men and women, that help each other in order to contribute to the upsurge of Luxembourg and prepare tomorrow’s economy.