Vision & Mission


Our vision for industry and companies

Throughout Europe, our companies, whatever their sector of activity might be, are confronted with a change in social, environmental, and technological paradigms that profoundly modifies their business models. This arrives at a moment in which Europe, the first economical power in the world, has to cope with the challenges of its demographic ageing. Attracting young talent has therefore become doubly crucial: to uphold the power of its economy and to accompany indispensable innovation during its transition. The nowadays globalised competition for talent constitutes a major issue for Europe and its companies.

The company of tomorrow will be open to the world, operating in networks. It will have to take part in the digital revolution within the limits of finite resources. Talent that will allow innovation and agility is no longer an option but an imperative.

Luxembourg is a hub, naturally and historically open at its geographic borders and to those of innovation. Our size permits us to cultivate our agility, our multi-modality of connecting us to the world and our solidarity in shaping our future sustainably. We have all the trumps in hand to assure a smooth transition.

That is why we still need to strengthen our cooperation in upcoming issues, accelerate the time to market and develop our capacity to form, attract or connect to tomorrow’s talent in order to help write Luxembourg’s success story.


High-quality support by creating a dynamic network. FEDIL is a federation with an entrepreneurial spirit, resolutely proactive and oriented towards the future. Our mission is

  • … to support our members of today and tomorrow during their decision-making process and development towards the future. To guarantee a highly qualified support, FEDIL constantly focuses on creating a dynamic and diverse network.
  • … to create the best synergies around developing projects of our members in Luxembourg and internationally
  • … to promote a constructive dialogue with the stakeholders of our ecosystem in Luxembourg and internationally
  • We want to accompany our members in the preparation of their future and thereby contribute to the sustainable growth of our country, to make Luxembourg the best place for business.