In the digital era information and communications technologies (ICT) are constantly present, be it when we are using our smart phones, accessing a WIFI connection or when we are concerned with personal data handling and cloud usage. Luxembourg’s government has therefore declared the ICT to be a priority in the diversification of our country creating the initiative « Digital Lëtzebuerg ». FEDIL takes part in the governments work and contributes actively to the development of the ICT sector in Luxembourg and to making it a « Smart nation » by successfully implementing projects in the sectoral federations FEDIL-ICT, Cloud Community Europe-Luxembourg and Finance & Technology Luxembourg.


Electronic administration or e-admin uses ICT for a more efficient administration. This will eventually improve the quality of public administration services, simplify processes and reduce administration efforts for companies.

Nevertheless, matters of electronic administration are not limited to the digitalisation of existing administrative processes. Rather, e-admin also allows us to rethink these. Thus e-administration furbishes an important lever for the modernisation of the state. FEDIL favours the transition to e-administration in the establishment of relations between public services and member companies.

Positions of FEDIL: