Youth & Talents

Despite having important resources of labour force many Luxembourg’s industry often is confronted with a shortage of qualified labour on all levels. Young people of all levels of qualification are the driving force of our nation. It is therefore important to train them in trade and professions in the tertiary sector so that they can contribute to make our industry and through it the country more dynamic.

FEDIL as privileged contact to its companies can incorporate their needs in an ideal way and allow them companies to find adequate labour force for their future projects.

In addition, FEDIL as a point of connection between administration and industrial world aims to expose the abundance of possibilities in the industry and all perspectives to young persons in search of a working future. We are therefore especially intent on including cooperations with the government, schools and all agents working for the promotion of professional education. Part of our day to day business is bringing young people near to the world of enterprise and to unearth new talent.